Performance Improvement (PI) Audit Tools


Performance Improvement (PI) Audit Tools are used to perform audits of your Sleep Facility to meet ACHC Sleep standards. The templates, forms, and tools are designed to save you time and reduce your expenses for performing the required audits while providing you data that can help your company improve its services.


After purchase, ACHCU will work with you to customize the tool for your organziation. 


Sleep PI Tools in this packet:

Performance Improvement Meeting Minutes

Description of Activity

Satisfaction Survey Tally Results

Satisfaction Survey Audits

Sleep Center Patient File Checklist

Patient Record Audit

Employee File Checklist

Employee Record Audit

Equipment Maintenance Audit

Time Frame Audit

Scorer Reliability Audit

Compliance Audit Checklist

Annual Performance Improvement and Compliance Report

Patient Satisfaction Survey

Referral Satisfaction Survey

Employee Satisfaction Survey


After purchase, ACHCU will work with you to customize the tool for your organization.